Ultrovent 125mm core drill

£78.00 (+VAT)


The ultrovent® is the ultimate in controlled passive ventilation. Its unique triple action filter reduces condensation, noise transmission and heat loss through the ventilation duct. At the heart of the ultrovent® filter is a thermal core that promotes the movement of damp air out of the property.

Ultrovent performance has been independently assessed by Southampton University.

The high rise cowl is no longer included with the Ultrovent core drill vent. For high rise installations, please use the Ultrovent Pro

Installation of the ultrovent® Core Drill Ventilator requires a 125mm core drill.

On the 125mm Core drill page itself.

The Ultrovent core drill diffuses 1.2 litres of water vapour /day.


10 year guarantee*
Silent in operation
Fights condensation
Reduces cold draughts
Reduces noise transmission
No running cost
Environmentally friendly
Filter easily removes for cleaning/replacing
Diffuses 1.2 litres of water vapour /day

Installation Guide
Technical Data Sheet