The DX-80 provides front line defence against condensation and mould problems. The unit’s built-in humidity sensor automatically increases or decreases fan speed to maintain relative humidity at the desired level. The DX-80 can be supplied pre-wired to reduce installation costs – simply connect a suitable plug!

The DX-80 can be installed in most rooms including bedrooms and living rooms. The innovative boost over-ride switch prevents the unit going into boost mode at unwanted times – including during the night!
The DX-80 recovers up to 80% of the warmth from extracted air from which it warms the incoming air. The ltered, incoming fresh air creates a healthier, more comfortable living environment by controlling condensation and mould problems.
Easy 4 step installation
✔ Controls condensation & mould
✔ Ideal for bedrooms,
living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms
✔ Can be installed low down to minimise visual impact
✔ Boost over-ride switch
✔ Adjustable humidity
✔ Adjustable boost fan speed
✔ Can be hard-wired or simply plugged in**
✔ IPX4 rated
✔ 2-year guarantee (extendable up to

  • 10 years with a servicing contract)
  • Core drill a 107mm hole
  • Secure the unit to the wall
  • Fit the wall ducting & external grill
  • Plug into the nearest electrical socket or hardwire