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About us

Our products are based on the ideas of brothers David and Steven Prince. David and Steven have worked in the damp control industry for over 35 years during which time they have seen many changes both to the approach taken to controlling dampness and the products used. In recent years there has been a strong movement towards maintaining an environmental balance in our homes with the emphasis on ventilation and insulation which encouraged David and Steven to develop several of their own ideas.

Following the success of the Ultrovent passive ventilation unit released in 2008, 2009 saw David and Steven develop their idea for a streamlined internal insulation system which could be used in older properties with minimum disruption. Ultrotherm attracted a great deal of interest including from The University of Nottingham whose support included product testing and modelling for both fuel saving and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Ultrotherm went on to be awarded a patent by the Intellectual Property Office and is a registered design throughout Europe. Ultrotherm was also awarded Product of the Year by Professional Builder magazine in 2014.

David and Steven are continuing to work on new products so watch this space!